Say goodbye to clutter!

Trying to sell your home? Worried about how it looks for showings? Just can't seem to get rid of the picture collage of Aunt Milly and the rest of the family from the Disney World trip? Well let me tell you now, Aunt Milly has to go as well as the dad's football chair, toasters, blenders, laundry baskets and make up kits.

If a home isn't completely vacant or at least staged by a professional, then its up to you and your real estate agent to prepare your home for showings. First impressions mean everything in this business and when perspective buyers come into your home for the very first time and see you and your living habits, it can be an immediate turnoff. So here are some simple tips to "stage" an occupied property with your own stuff.

Reduce the clutter in closets and cupboards

1. All closets and cupboards should only have 1/3rd of the space filled. Make those closets and cupboards look bountiful with space by clearing them out and who knows, you might be able to make a few bucks in a yard sale.

Bye Bye family photo's, dad's chair and YOU!

2. Remove all the stuff that says you! It's time for perspective buyers to see themselves in the home you're selling not the last 20 years of your life. This means kitchens, living areas and bathrooms need basic furnishings to show space orientation so remove extra kitchen appliances, personalized decorations/pictures any clutter and anything that really doesn't enhance spaces.

The outside needs to look pretty too!

3. Can you remember a house you first drove up to that looked like hell on the outside? Don't let that be your house when especially when you are trying to sell it. Clean up trim any dings and dents and for the love of God do something with the flower beds and lawn. All kidding aside you'll know after a day of so when you start cleaning things up what looks good and doesn't. When in doubt call your real estate professional and they will assist you.

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